Well we have already step into the very first month of this year. And it’s almost going to end now. First of all happy new year to all my readers.

Now let’s dive into the blog.

Since it’s a ritual, so y’ll might be having some tactics and other things set already in your mind which you wanna surely do by the end of this year. And and and how can I forget those new year resolutions?

LOL which are been made by us every year and also been break by us within a brief span of time.(DAMN Ị)

I know there also do exist some species who do stick to their resolutions and work hard to complete/do them. Well being honest with y’ll I belong to the former category. (IDK why do I feel so smug and proud while writing this? Anyway)

So here I am up with a blog which called,


Now talking about productive doesn’t only mean to work in a proper, organized way so that you won’t waste your much of your time and utilize it properly.

But it also includes to firstly keep yourself, and your mind healthy, so that you can work in a more focused way.

So giving my health the very first priority, this year I adopted a resolution to drink lots and lots of water. 🤝

So first good habit to adopt is:


Needless to say that keeping your body hydrate is as important as looking beautiful/smart.

So if you love your body and want to look good and stay healthy please adopt this habit of drinking lots and lots of water daily. ✌️



YASS people 🙋, smile as much as you can. Even I should say always.

Now many of you will say, bro how can I smile if I am suffering from headache, or from a major injury.

Well I totally don’t mean that.🙅

The way we don good clothes 😛 on our body to look good, in the same try to carry a decent pretty smile on your face. Trust me, it will enhance your personality.💃

Now next we have,


We all know life is not an easy path to walk on. It throws different situations in front of us. And nothing is in our hands. 🙆

So what we can do is, TO NEVER STOOP .

Try to face every situation with a positive mind and with a positive attitude, no matter what the result will be, don’t think about it. Just be positive.

So always carry good vibes with yourself, and trust your wits.

Next is,


One is never too late to learn something new, or something which is not of his/her stream. Also you are not a busy bee 🐝, that you can’t even think of learning something new or doing something which you never did before.

Being a student, I any how manage, and try to get myself a good quality of time, to do and practice what I love (that is writing ✍️).

Which also helped me to get few bucks in my pocket 💰.

Writing was something which I used to think that is not my cup of tea, something which is not meant for me.

But here I am♥️. So if you possess some skills, be it lackluster, no worries. Do practice and come out with a better version of yourself. Do something which you never did before.

Get yourself some short run tasks. (it will add on in your CV too, and will help you in future)

Second last we have,


Indeed social media helps us to keep ourselves update about what is going on in this world.

However, barely any of us use Facebook and Instagram to stay update. (though we use these sources just to get entertain and to stay update about the latest out, latest bb ki vine, and something more like these, which is not at all crucial)

So in nutshell all what we do on social media is blabbing like aunties, tagging each other on some memes and making ourselves feel proud and engage.

Try to shun doing this. I won’t say stop doing this. But pay more attention on doing something productive, something which will make you feel smug at the same time.

Now last but not the least,


Bwhaha, I know many of you, after reading this will be like, broooo Ị what else I do? I sleep whole day, I sleep whole night. 😀

But no, excess of sleeping is bad too. (I can feel you mahn, it is like a process of clamming your raging nerves & and helping yourself in washing away the guilt realising that how much time you have wasted till now, also it is totally ok if you are not at all guilty of your deed)

AND AND, another one is to drifting into an uneasy sleep is also not good at the same time.

So shutdown your mind and body and have some healthy yet not excess rest. So that your body can reboot and work in a more productive way.

So guys this was it. I know I brought up nothing new in front of y’ll. But I’ll feel good if it will help you even a bit.

Thanks for reading 💕 .

Why is fair skin considered more beautiful than dark in most culture ?

Well it is very simple ! We the citizens of a democratic country have got our rights . We have every freaking separate law to resolve our issues .

We show ourselves as a great citizen, working hard to evolve our nation , to take it to another level , all are doing every single external thing to show our self as “The Great” Isn’t it ?

But deep inside we all are aware of that hypocrite demon who is sitting inside our bodies. Who is a big critic at the same time . We promptly start judging , be it the issue of gender discrimination , be it the way of dressing sense , or be it anything . It’s our wont .

To barge into someone’s business , to keep our views unnecessary if you are not being asked even then too . Gross , ain’t it is ?

Now here comes to beauty .

Well some of us who is actually a sensible person , would consider this question as chicken shit .

Cause it really does’nt matter how the shade of our skin looks like . It’s the karma we do , the nature we have , the ethics and values which we follow , which I guess is a matter of consideration . Am I wrong ?

Lemme guys show the meaning of real beauty !

Our skin tone , never define how good we are from inside.

The fact is that we are all scum , indeed . Let your beauty love continue hebrews .

Prime places of NORTH INDIA , where your soul & heart will find Serenity . 

#Incredibleindia #peace INCREDIBLEINCREDIBLE #positivity #piousness #spirituality

INCREDIBLE INDIA is a country , which is a home to every religion .

India is the cradle of human race ,
The birthplace of human speech ,
The mother of history ,
The grandmother of legends , and
The great grandmother of traditions.
Our most valuable and constructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only .

My blog will turn itself into a novel if I will start writing about all the great places of India ,which one should visit atleast once in his/her entire life.


J&K known as the ” Warmest place on earth “. It is famous for its freezing temperature . A state located in Himalayan mountains , and share borders with the states Himachal pradesh and Punjab .

J&K are the two different chief places of the state Jammu & Kashmir.

▶️ Jammu : Jammu is the devotional place which resides temples .
Some of it are :
▪ Vaishno Devi Mandir :

Bagh-e-bahu :

And many more .
Jammu is a place which generally consist crowd . Millions of devotees visit Jammu to see the auspicious site of their respective god and goddess.

▶️ Kashmir :

Well know as the “Paradise on earth ” and famous for its places which exist serenity and beauty of nature .
The beauty of Kashmir is something which one can not express through words !
All these sites of Kashmir can make anyone’s pulse treble . And I mean it .
Well suck a deep breath cause a lot more to come.
Peaceful places which lies in Kashmir are :
Dal Lake :

Shikara :

Leh :

Nigeen lake :

Betab velly :

▪ Pangong Tso :

Come fall in love with each and every magnetic view of J&K. 💞

2. HIMACHAL PRADESH : Himachal Pradesh holds the destiny where the horizon is said to be celestial.

Growth of tourism is increasing in Himachal Pradesh due to its divine valleys , peaceful environment , fresh air , and greenery all around .

🙌 Holy lord ! What else we need ? A package of everything which will give our mind and body a great relaxation .

Places which one must visit in HP are :

Shimla :

Manali :

Dalhousie :

Dhankar lake :

Beas kund :

Khajjiar :

Lush valleys , snow capped peaks , and deep gorges cut our off rivers crashing down the beautiful himalayas .

3. UTTRAKHAND : Acquired the status of state in the year 2000 , Uttrakhand which was earlier the part of Uttar Pradesh is famous for its scenic beauty & landscape views .

This state being a blessing to India consist many magnificent hill stations , natural trails , breath taking nature’s view any what else not !

‌Wonderfull places that one must visit when travel to Uttrakhand :

Dehradun :

Nainital :

Mussoorie :

Pithoragarh :

Kausani : Mainly known as switzerland of India .

Find your own self in the beauty of nature , inhale the fresh aroma of nature , let the positivity revolve around you.

4. RAJASTHAN : ” PADHARO MAARE DES ” . One of the welcome phrase to invite people to visit rajasthan and be a guest and enjoy the regal hospitality which is been served.

Places to visit in Rajasthan are :

Lake Pichhola :

Fateh sagar lake :

Rajasthan is paradise for those tourist who wish to buy authentic ancient items with a touch of rajasthani in it .
5. UTTAR PRADESH : State which consist one of the seven wonders of the world , that is the iconic Taj Mahal , many other mugal tombs & grandes . It is a kingdom of major rivers like : Ganga , Betwa , Chambal , Sindh , Tamaam , Gomti and many more .

One should visit these places whenever travel to Uttar pradesh :

Jetavana : Traditional buddhist monastery .

Yamuna : Activities like river rafting can be done here.

Ganga :

This holy state ka mainly known for its piousness , enhanced with beautiful rivers in it .


Many people prefer work from home as a part time option on the contrary many others totally depends on it .

#selfearntastesbetter #be_an_enterpreneur #earn_in_a_smart_way

It’s a privilege for those who carry some skills within them , but are entangled to step out of their other work ( be it studies for students , looking after home for housewives , or anything else ) or home either.

So now , from the era of hard work we gradually bumped into methods of doing smart work .

Given below are the list of some jobs/work , which you can do being at home , also being your own boss and running it on your own principles .


First of all what is a blog ?

“A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. Blogs have reshaped the web, impacted politics, shaken up journalism, and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others.”

Here comes blogging , BLOGGING is an online space that’s reserved for you .

A number of people use blogging as a platform to engage with like-minded individuals and readers . Blogging

is more like a business now. People start blogs, produce content, enable ads, sell products and make money.



COMPUTER VISION involves analyzing images to produce useful information .

Computer vision tasks include methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images, and in general, deal with the extraction of high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information .



Content writing means composing valuable content to be delivered with a specific purpose, like business, marketing, commercial affairs, etc. Often, content writing is used to attract potential customers and educate them about products and services of a brand. This can be done by using blogs, articles, press releases, etc.
Content writing can either be full time job or a part time Job. For getting a full time content writing job, you may search Job portals which are most active in your respective country.



An editorial is an opinion piece but unlike a column in a newspaper isn’t written from a single writers personal opinion. Instead it is the opinion of the publication. On newspapers it lives in its own section, to differentiate it from what is supposed to be fact-based reporting in other parts of the newspaper. And then there are ‘op-eds’, which live on the opposing page of the editorial section, typically written by non-staff-members (usually experts or people of note), expressing their own often-contrary opinions.


Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale or even small scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions etc. .

Most of the peoples plan and organise the event perfectly but they failed in executing it. Cause that’s where the real battle starts, whole success of event is depends upon this step. Not matter how good you plan and organise the resources but at the time of execution they all failed. So, if you are planning to manage the event my advise would be keep the things and steps as simple as possible. Because that’s gonna help you in making a successful event. Neglect the complex things, they only increases the confusion.

▶️ Steps to get a good start :

◼ To give a kick to your work , firstly you should own your very own website , which is must .

Sharing a link below of the website knows as . This website is made in India , and assist people to build up their website in very cheap cost .

Link : https:


You can also make your account in the apps where people hire freshers to get their company’s work done , and in return they pay you bucks .

Sharing some links below which are helpful to get jobs and internship.


Indeed :